Veterinarian shares the top five dog breeds he wouldn’t own

A veterinary surgeon took to Tiktok to share the top five breeds he personally would never own, given his experience in the veterinary field.

A Tiktok user by the name of posted a video to Tiktok, sharing his opinion on the top five dog breeds he wouldn’t own. Ben has a following of 96,000 people on Tiktok, with almost 2.5 million likes on all his videos combined.

Veterinarian shares the top five dog breeds he wouldn’t own

Coming from a veterinary surgeon, here are the top five dog breeds a vet personally wouldn’t want to own.

5. Chow Chow – Ben said that he wouldn’t want to own a Chow Chow because he said they have a short temper and aggressive nature. He said that there are some nice Chow Chows out there, however, they can be tough to deal with as a vet.

chow chow dog

They are very large, so it can be hard to fit a muzzle on them. They also have purple tongues, which Ben described as being “a bit unnerving.”

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – According to Ben, he said that if he was going to pick a dog to own, he would pick a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel if it wasn’t for all their health problems.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed is known to get a heart disease called mitral valve disease, which can be very detrimental to their health. Ben said he thinks that breeding a dog predisposed to the heart disease is unfair.

3. Dachshund – The “sausage dog,” is Ben’s third breed he personally wouldn’t want to own. Roughly one in four dachshunds will develop back problems, some leading to paralysis.


Ben said that this leads to spinal surgeries. These spinal surgeries are difficult for the dog to recover from.

2. Shar-Pei – According to Ben, Shar-Pei’s actually have a disease named after them called “Shar-Pei Fever.” Their faces are so wrinkly that they can have breathing and visual problems. This also leads to skin issues. Ben also said that they have really tiny ear canals. Shar-Pei dogs can be vicious as well according to Ben.


He said, “At the vets they’re often trying to bite the face off of all the staff.” Ben said most of the Shar-Pei dogs he takes care of have lots of health issues.

1. Any “flat faced” dog – French Bulldogs, Bulldogs, and Pugs, all fall under this category. Ben said that society has really normalized the fact that these dogs can’t breath. That is what leads to their snorting.

They also have spinal issues, skin problems, eye problems, and more. Ben said that over half of these dogs have to have a caesarian in order to give birth, which he believes is a huge ethical problem.

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